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    Magazine: Blonde 
    Editorial: Rebels at Heart
    Models: Borak |Izaio|, Huinan |M4|, Manfred |4Play|, Tsagana |PMA|
    Hair & Makeup: Ina Cierniak |Nina Klein|
    Hair & Makeup Assistant: Jenny Hordan |Nina Klein|
    Production & Styling: Bettina Bergmann
    Styling: Anna Baur, Turid Reinicke
    Styling Assistant: Magdalena Schmidt
    Photo Assistant: Julia Kantim,  Michael Freytag
    Photographer: Reno Ranger

    Fashion photographer Reno Ranger shoots for Blonde Magazine for a spread entitled “Rebels at Heart”. The styling is sort of a traditional 1950s take on the rebel but the aesthetic is personified because it only features Asian models. I’ve always said that fashion loves juxtapositions and that is very true here. 

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